Matiz Font Free Download

Matiz Font is a fancy eroded typeface that comes with heavy texture. With this font, you can use many designs that need bold styles, such as movie posters, video games, military badges.

Beycan Çetin, a top-notch typography expert takes the authority for developing and publishing it for the first time.

Due to its bold texture, it ideal for any headers or title for displaying design work. All the letters represent finely kerned characters but the border of each letter has an irregular textile appearance.

For this clean font, the designer took great care to make all the glyphs and charters look cool and extremely clean. These features make this font stand out from other typeface.

Font Details

Font Name:Matiz Font Family
Style:Fancy, Eroded, Display
Font Designer:Beycan Çetin
File Format:TTF
License:Free For Commercial Use
Files:Matiz (Truetype)

Character Map Image

As seen in the pictures on the map. The same basic lines are followed throughout the font family with very neat characters. It has upper and lower case letters, numbers, & punctuation marks.

Matiz Font Family Download


You can use this typeface for various designing purposes like photography, advertisements, titles, watermarks, special events, logo design, book covers, banners, movie posters, and many other places.

The best part is that it’s 100% free for personal & commercial projects. You can get more free fonts on fontstera in which including Giga Sans Font by Arwan Sutanto, Conan Font by Edgard Rupel.

Supported Languages

Matiz Font is available in only single regular style and it possesses 109 glyphs count in numbers. Its textile arrangements look similar to the uniform wide brush typeface.

Show Supported Languages:
Arrernte, Bislama, Cebuano, English, Fijian, Gilbertese (Kiribati), Hmong, Hopi, Ibanag, Iloko (Ilokano), Interglossa (Glosa), Interlingua, Lojban, Manx, Norfolk/Pitcairnese, Oromo, Rotokas, Sardinian (Sardu), Seychellois Creole (Seselwa), Shona, Somali, Southern Ndebele, Swahili, Swati/Swazi, Tok Pisin, Warlpiri, Xhosa, Zulu
Matiz Font Free Download

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